We utilize a system of invoices. Invoices are created for all subscriptions at the beginning of the billing period, typically monthly. Invoices have a creation date and due date in which they will be paid. Attempts to pay invoices generation transactions. Regardless of what is being billed be a subscription or one time purchase it… Read It


Account billing profiles for the account, Currently PayPal or Credit Card are type options. We run all credit cards via 2 levels of fraud screening before storing at our processor. We never have access to the full credit card number after it is posted.


In our system each account is tied to a unique email address. An account may have multiple domains/sites, subscriptions, billing profiles, etc.  Accounts may be merged and/or delete by partners, and updated by account api-keys as well.


Billing Base Plans are READ ONLY templates used to create bill_plans. Partners my query the base_plans to retrieve base plans to create bill_plans from.  All bill_plans are associated with bill_base_plans.


Billing Base Products are READ ONLY templates used to create bill_products. Partners my query the bill_base_products to retrieve base products to create bill_products from.  All bill_products are associated with bill_base_products.


Billing plans are typically known as Hosting Plans. Billing plan are created from a template base plan managed by pagely. Typically a parter would get all plans to populate their pricing/signup pages.


Products are typically referred to as upgrades. FTP access, a custom theme, or some sort of partner provided service. Like bill_plans, products are based upon bill_base_product template which pagely controls.


The bill_promocodes bill_promocodes allows partners to create promo codes for discounts on bill_plans. Promocodes can be of 2 types. Fixed Price (fp) or % (pc) off. The promocode would be submitted with the /account_profiles/single PUT upon initial account setup.


Domain aliases such as should be set for all domains. WordPress multisite users that are domain mapping need to register an alias for each mapped domain.


domain_dns manages all aspects of the DNS for clients. Pagely utilizes the best in class DNS service from Dyn, we pass this value onto our clients that wish to utilize it. domain_dns endpoint is a wrapper for the dyn api and our lock dns cache. There is no simgle_post as we do not update existing records, but… Read It


Handles what we call modules on domains. Modules are themes, plugin, or other objects that are added to sites. Modules are first created by resellers with reseller_module and then mapped to domains a bit like a paid subscription.


Domain status messages generated by our system workers. Typically regarding cleanup of the file system and/or enforcing plugin usage.


In this context the term domain(s) is interchangeable site(s). An Account my have multiple sites under their account. However each site is tied to 1 primary domain name and may have multiple domain aliases resolving to it. The endpoint handles the creation and such for client sites.


Misc routines including Hello World and some browser based functions and redirects.


Reseller modules are what we refer to 3rd party addons provided by Partners such as themes or plugins. Modules can be the payload of a bill_product object. Create the bill_product object. Map the reseller module to it. When the product is purchased the module is installed on the domain. The reseller_modules endpoint is for the partner… Read It