Creating a new account and site

To create a new account and site involves capturing the necessary data and making a few API calls. PUT accounts/single Receive response, and redirect to hosted payment page Return from hosted payment page PUT account_subscriptions/single Inline Form Validation Within your form you may wish to validate input via ajax on a :blur event or similar,… Read It

Download a backup

To download a backup Get the backup id from domain_backups/all or /single POST to domains_backups/action with params: id, action=download, type=file|sql A string is retured for a private link to download the file:{hash}

API Wrapper Function for WordPress

This is a simple wrapper function for all API calls using the WordPress wp_remote() function. /*************************** * WRAPPER FUNCTION FOR ALL PAGELY API REQUESTS * This function makes a remote request to the Pagely REST API * @param string $method GET | POST | PUT | DELETE * @param string $uri the controller and method… Read It